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Customer Loyalty Card Data Mining Capabilities

Using card based customer data we can geocode to customer's home location and provide several critical and actionable Data Mining analyses!

Sample (Click to View or Download)



Geocoding (Customer Spotting) Map Each Dot $1,000

  • Using Loyalty Card Customer data, shows general area where of $1,000 of sales 's originate.
  • Like a typical customer spotting dot map, but summarized at $1,000 level.



Market Share Map (Capture)

  • Visually shows Market Share (either one store or all stores in a chain) around a location.
  • Dots alone don't tell the story - market share does!
  • Where are the opportunities to increase share?



Household Penetration Map (Trial)

  • Visually shows Household Penetration (percent of all households patronizing the subject store or chain over a four week period).
  • Where are the opportunities to increase the number of households?
  • Are we capturing enough of the households in an area?
  • Do we need trial (increase the number of households) or conversion (move existing households to spend more dollars)?


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